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Types of Block Making Machine Manufactured by TPM

Types of Block Making Machine Manufactured by TPM

April 21, 2024


TPM(Fujian Tepai Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China, covering a production area of 50,000 sq. mtrs with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified for quality and environmental management. It is one of the fastest growing block making machine manufacturers in China. TPM has a group of senior engineers and technicians with rich theoretical knowledge and practical concrete products production experience. TPM aims to provide the most cost-efficient paver block machine to worldwide clients for different fields such as real estates, road construction work, river protection projects, house buildings etc.

TPM is equipped with very high precision steel processing equipment including CNC processing center, fully automatic heat treatment equipment, laser cutting machine and CNC Plasma flame-cutting machine, to guarantee the precise mechanical part of Concrete Paver Block Making Machine

At TPM, we are committed to delivering high-quality cement block machines to our customers. To ensure that our high pressure paver block machines meet the highest standards for performance and reliability, we conduct thorough testing and programming at our factory before delivery.


Our experienced technicians conduct comprehensive testing on each machine to ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively. We also program each concrete brick making machine to optimize its performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


At TPM, we understand that our customers rely on our equipment to produce high-quality concrete products. That's why we pay attention to every detail of our machines and strive for excellence in everything we do. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their concrete block production needs.


Whether you are looking for a semi-automatic or fully automated concrete block production line, TPM has the expertise and experience to provide you with the right solution. 


High-level paving block machine manufacturered by TPM:



Below are the types of Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine and its description:

TPM4000 Automatic Paver Block Machine:

  • This machine is very economic and suitable for fresh man in this field. By changing molds, it can produce varies types of hollow blocks, solid blocks, fly ash bricks, paving stones, curbstones, grass pavers etc;
  • It's PLC controlled, equipped with data input and output device. The system has safety logic control and self-diagnostic to avoid mechanical failure caused by manual operation.
  • The system can compile, modify and update production parameters according to production needs to achieve optimal production capacity.
  • It's cost-efficient and ideal solution for start-up.



TPM6000 Automatic Paver Block Machine:

  • The PLC is controlled by Germany SIEMENS PLC, equipped with data input and output devices, the system has safety logic control and system fault self-diagnosis.
  • Using 2×9KW permanent magnet motors for vibration, which is driven by two independent frequency invertors. The frequency can be adjusted to get different vibration force for higher strength paver blocks using less cement.
  • Static & dynamic vibration table design: Vibration amplitube can be adjusted for higher energy transfer efficiency.



TPM8000 Automatic Paver Block Machine:

  • Main components of block machine, such as vibration table and tamper head, are all integrated castings with long lifetime. The vibration table uses an integrated casting to ensure balance and durability. The vibration box uses precision casting to ensure precision. It uses bearings imported from Japan NSK to ensure durability.
  • Heavy Duty Structure: Main machine frame adopt 200×200×10mm thick square tube, thus machine is more stable with less shaking during production. In the long run, machine is more durable.
  • It can produce 100 sq. mtrs paving stones per hour. The system is controlled by SIEMENS PLC with 2×11KW SIEMENS vibration motors.
  • The dual frequency converters each control a variable frequency motor, which can ensure frequency synchronization, detect problems in the motor or circuit in a timely manner, and facilitate maintenance.

TPM10000G Automatic Paver Block Machine:

  • The servo vibration can effectively reduce energy consumption by 15%. Also the start-up and end-up of servo vibration is approx. 1 seconds faster which generates more vibration-force & concrete products quality would be greatly improved;
  • Adopt airbags for mold clamping, help save mold change time and improve mold lifetime with less noise during production;
  • Advanced designed mechanical & hydraulic cylinder synchronization for tamper head, the demolding is also mechanical synchronized, ensures high accurate movement for demolding and tamper head up & down. As a result, the paving stones and paver blocks height are same in one pallet.





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