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Fujian Tepai Machinery Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TPM) is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. Our company boasts a team of experienced senior engineers and technicians, possessing extensive theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in the production of concrete products. We utilize state-of-the-art precision steel processing equipment, such as CNC processing centers, fully-automatic heat treatment equipment, laser cutting machines, and CNC plasma flame-cutting machines, ensuring the utmost precision in our equipment. Our primary product line includes concrete paver block making machines, construction waste recycling production line, ready-mix batching plant etc. We are dedicated to offering our global customers cost-effective and high-quality concrete product manufacturing machines from China.

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Newly Launch Of Upgraded Design TPM10000G Concrete Block Machine

We are excited to announce the upgraded design of our popular TPM10000G concrete block machine. The TPM10000G is already known for its high-quality construction and reliable performance. But with our upgraded design, we have taken this machine to the next level. One of the key upgrades is the use of a stronger and more durable frame. We have used the thickest square tube in the industry (200*200*10mm) and welded it with Japanese Panasonic pulse welding technology to ensure maximum strength and durability. The machine now weighs a solid 15 tons.   We have also upgraded the vibration system to an Italian servo vibration system. This system uses two 12.8kw servo motors to adjust the vibration force directly and achieve a maximum speed of 4500 rpm. This not only speeds up the molding process but also improves the density of the finished product.   Another upgrade is the use of a Siemens PLC control system. This system is more efficient and reliable than previous models, and it comes with a remote service system that allows us to diagnose and update the system in real-time. We have also made improvements to the hydraulic system, using a 30kw Siemens hydraulic motor and high-quality Italian VTOZ hydraulic valves and American Albert oil pumps. This ensures that the hydraulic system is efficient and stable. Other upgrades include a swing-type feeding system, a solid guide post with a graphene copper sleeve, and an inner frame stacking machine.   Overall, the upgraded design of the TPM10000G concrete block machine is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. We are confident that this machine will exceed your expectations and provide you with the best possible results. Thank you for choosing TPM for your concrete block machine needs. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the highest quality products and services.    

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High level cement block manufacturing machine TPM8000G running in Guangzhou city, China

High level cement brick manufacturing machine TPM8000G for high-end market: 1) Dynamic servo vibration system, powerful vibration and less cycle time. 1) Air bag for mold clamping, to change mold just need 30-40 minutes. 2) Static & dynamic vibration table design, can control vibration amplitube, ensure higher energy transfer efficiency. 3) Independent feeding car platform, can automatically go up & down via hydraulic cycliner or motor. 4) Siemens PLC Control System 5) Italian VTOZ Hydraulic System 6) Online Trouble-shooting SystemTPM8000G automatic cement block making machine is becoming popular nowadays in global market. It is a very cost-efficient paver block making machine for interlocking paving brick production. TPM8000G brick making machine features a robust structure with main columns made of 200×200×10mm thick square tube and four φ80mm solid guiding rods, ensuring stability and durability. Thanks to the specially designed synchronous system for tamper head & demoulding movement, the machine is able to run in very precise and stable mechanical action.

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How to choose suitable bricks production machine for your brick factory

In the construction industry, cement brick machine equipment is one of the core equipment of the brick factory. It is very important to choose suitable brick making equipment for the brick factory, which will directly affect the quality, production capacity and production efficiency of cement bricks. This article will introduce some key factors to help make the idea choice.   The first thing need to consider is the quality and performance of the bricks production machine. High-quality cement brick machine equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of the bricks made. It should offer high strength, wear resistance and longevity to meet the long-term production needs. In addition, the production efficiency of equipment is also a key indicator. You need to rotate equipment that can produce with high efficiency to improve production efficiency.   Secondly, it is also very important to choose the appropriate equipment model based on your production scale and budget. Different models of cement brick making machines have different capacities and functions. You need to choose the right equipment based on the size of your brickyard, market demand, and budget. Even if your budget is limited, don't sacrifice the quality and performance of your equipment, as this will adversely affect your production efficiency and product quality.   In addition, equipment maintenance and after-sales service are also factors worth considering. Cement brick machine equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment, and regular maintenance and upkeep is essential. Rotating a manufacturer that provides high-quality after-sales service can ensure timely support and maintenance services during the use of your equipment, reduce production downtime, and improve production efficiency.  

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How to maintain brick machine equipment in daily production?

1. Clean up garbage regularly:   During the operation of the block brick machine, some concrete dust or waste will inevitably be generated. If it's not cleaned in time, they may get stuck in the brick making machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to keep the machine running normally, it should be cleaned in time.   2. Do lubrication work regularly:   Insufficient lubrication between parts will increase the wear of the parts and accelerate the damage of each component. Therefore, lubricating oil should be added to various parts regularly to reduce the wear rate of parts. When adding lubricating oil to each part of the code brick machine, you should pay attention to the parts that can be added and the parts that cannot be added. Not all parts can be added, but you should also pay attention to not adding too much or too little lubricating oil.   3. Regularly check whether some components and parts of the paving brick machine are loose:   During the long-term operation of cement brick machine, some parts or components will inevitably become loose. Check regularly and tighten problems promptly to avoid concrete brick machine operation problems.   4. Regular maintenance of brick machine:   When the brick machine has been running for a long time, maintenance should be carried out to evaluate the operating condition of the machine. When abnormal noise occurs during mechanical operation, the block brick machine should be stopped promptly for inspection and maintenance, and worn parts should be replaced.

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