How to maintain brick machine equipment in daily production?

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How to maintain brick machine equipment in daily production?

How to maintain brick machine equipment in daily production?

February 20, 2024

1. Clean up garbage regularly:


During the operation of the block brick machine, some concrete dust or waste will inevitably be generated. If it's not cleaned in time, they may get stuck in the brick making machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, in order to keep the machine running normally, it should be cleaned in time.


2. Do lubrication work regularly:


Insufficient lubrication between parts will increase the wear of the parts and accelerate the damage of each component. Therefore, lubricating oil should be added to various parts regularly to reduce the wear rate of parts. When adding lubricating oil to each part of the code brick machine, you should pay attention to the parts that can be added and the parts that cannot be added. Not all parts can be added, but you should also pay attention to not adding too much or too little lubricating oil.


3. Regularly check whether some components and parts of the paving brick machine are loose:


During the long-term operation of cement brick machine, some parts or components will inevitably become loose. Check regularly and tighten problems promptly to avoid concrete brick machine operation problems.


4. Regular maintenance of brick machine:


When the brick machine has been running for a long time, maintenance should be carried out to evaluate the operating condition of the machine. When abnormal noise occurs during mechanical operation, the block brick machine should be stopped promptly for inspection and maintenance, and worn parts should be replaced.

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